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Music is forever, and we know you want to be a part of it. We have the same passion and goal, that is why we put everything, into every project we work on. We're not just a studio. We see each technical and artistic complexity as an opportunity to apply ingenuity, creativity, passion, with purpose. Resulting in an embodiment of our Mission, Your Vision Brought to Life.

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At Fusion Media we believe audio is the additive for Extra Sensory Perception of the visual interactive. We are dedicated to applying a concerted creative; with one objective, transporting your visual media into an expansive force of interaction. Our team is a comprehensive combination of composers, sound designers, and mixers. Geared and experienced in orchestrating and executing the best possible product, to client specifications, while maintaining deadlines. We strive, so you maximize.

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Music Production

Whether creating a single, demo, EP or full length album, our diverse team of multi-talented engineers and producers, will guide every aspect of the process.From songwriting help to recording, producing, arranging, mixing, or mastering, it's all here, designed to give you the best bang for your buck without losing the integrity of your music, of your expression, to remain true and honest. And we don't stop there, we help with marketing and radio promotion and help you understand the process, music business, and copyrighting. Our goal is to see your project all the way through. Whatever stage you need us to begin, we're here to help you reach your music goals. If you're a singer/songwriter or home producer and only need help finishing your project check out our special service called ReadyMix.

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"I Can't Believe What You Did To My Music, THANK YOU THANK YOU!"

Rodney Antoon - N'TOONSOUL

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