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Fusion Media is a leading independent post production services provider in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to productions of all media, including major feature length motion pictures and network and cable television programming. Established in 2010 by Jeremy Pleasant (film credits include Lay the Favorite, Kings of New York, God The Father, Parker, Never Back Down 2, The Courier, Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning, Pawn Shop Chronicles, and more). Fusion Media is an all encompassing post house that boasts such services as in-house Digital Intermediate, Color Grade, Post Sound, Visual FX, Music supervision, Trailer Production, and business and legal affairs and is verified as a tried and true vendor qualifying for the state production tax credit offered by the great state of Louisiana and can assist in cost certification. We understand the importance of doing the job right so you can achieve delivery without a hassle. We strive to accomplish creative feats in furtherance of the client's vision, understanding the practicalities of working within a budget and making it count. At the crossroads of creativity and finishing, you need fusion media - our team has worked individually on an array of projects which affords us the experience and expertise necessary to accomplish any task.

Our experienced sound team includes people with a passion for and a keen awareness of the intricacies of Post Production Sound. Keeping at the forefront the client constraints of deadlines and budgets without a sacrifice to quality. Our mission: distinctive work excellence, which creates vision realization, and ultimate, client longevity. Contact us to learn more and see what our team has done and can do!

Music Supervision

When it comes to music supervision, at Fusion Media you get a team that handles everything in house. From the creative to the legal, our team has supervised films big and small. We work with producers within their budgets and get the music side of a film ready for distribution.

Our team of supervisors, coordinators, and legal has the experience to accomplish any task and the relationships to get the music you need for your project. Contact us to find out more!

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